Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Beauty.


The thrill & excitement that is happening on the playing field is tripled when you are around a bunch of football fanatics, cheering on their teams.

For first timers, they should watch the games live and not alone in front of the television set. They say first impressions last. Therefore, we as football aficionados should invite our friends,family or even co-workers to watch live futsal/football action,whether it is an international game,collegiate or club level.

Also, we should support a team while watching a game. Even if it is not our own team. There are only 2 teams playing at that moment, pick one. It is our own little way of educating people who does not know the game. An applause, a positive remark or a cheer would make the players & spectators enjoy the experience.
Applause a gallant effort, explain an infraction, cheer a player. Say anything positive and it would go a long way in promoting our sport.

As football lovers, let us contribute anything positive in our own simple ways. Play in as many tournaments as we can. Saying any positive comment regarding our sport is great.

There are still many things to be done to popularize our sport. We should all contribute in our own little way.

POSTED ORIGINALLY AT: pinoyfootball @ facebook by Philippine Futsal Club through Mr. Xarex Velasquez.

IMAGE HERE: www.concierge.com

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