Monday, January 4, 2010

Tour Shows For January

Second installment of the annual Lakefest of San Pablo City, Laguna. This will feature Discrimination Free from Malaysia:

Next poster is the second show for Discrimination Free. This time it's in Ten02 Bar, Quezon City. Show starts at 3pm so come early:

Next is Australia's Pisschrist and Germany's Blockshot show at Cuerdas Bar in Pasig City. Two touring bands for P120? That's a bargain guys!

Pisschrist's Pampanga show. This one will start late at night to give way to First Blood's show at Manila on 1-5pm. Toxic Orgasm at Vampire State of Cebu City, Philippines will play this show so this will be a bang!

And lastly, First Blood's Manila Tour. Alcatraz ( is billed on this show. Flyer will be updated as soon as it is revised. A great way to start things off this 2010.