Sunday, January 9, 2011

(Almost) Top 10 for 2010.

A little too late. Anyways, it's better late than never.

1. Aspire #1 – After lightyears of editing this fucked up issue; I finally had the chance to put this shit all together on paper!

2. Rann’s Believe #1, Nul’s Silt #2, Jep’s Konspirazine #3, Joab’s RTC #3, Dane’s IRH #4/Joseph’s IA #13 split issue – 2010 has been a great year for paper zines. These are some of the coolest zines/issues that came out last year in the hardcore/punk circle in the Philippines. I know there are still other zine that have been put out last year but these are the only ones that I know of.

3. The Azkals’ stint at the AFF Suzuki Cup – I know Azkals’ didn’t brought the Cup in the country but 2010 gave birth to the better team/line-up for the Philippines. As you may want to know, in the 15-year history of the premier Cup in the Southeast Asian region, the Philippines has been the favorite “whipping-ass boys” for the other countries competing the said Cup. Also, this was the first time that the Azkals qualified for the semi-final round. On their way to the semis, they have scored the biggest upset in the Cup by beating the then defending champion, Vietnam, with two goals to none infront of the hostile crowds of Hanoi.

4. Team Philippines winning the Host Cup Trophy at Homeless World Cup in Rio de Janiero, Brazil – Before the Azkal’s participation in the AFF Suzuki Cup, the Philippine delegates to the Homeless World Cup in Brazil silently brought one of the trophies, Host Cup trophy, home by beating team Norway in September 2010.

5. Reunion shows of Feud, Forgiveness Denied, Sauna and Richard Collier – Some say reunion shows are too cliché. But hell, this is one of the things that conveyed the hardcore/punk scene in the Philippines nostalgia. Giving the newer fans/listeners the chance to sing-along with their favorite dead bands, and, giving the chance for the “old-school” people to sing their favorite lines from their favorite bands from way back and meeting their old peers from the scene ripping the stage off for one last time. I had the opportunity to sing-along with Feud’s Direction, Begging for A Beautiful Life to name a few. Grabbing the mic and shouting my lungs out!

6. Started collecting/buying records – Bought 3 wax for 2010 – Half the Battle’s What We Have, Mouthpiece’s Can’t Kill What’s Inside (The Complete Discography) and Istukas Over Disneyland/Eskapo split 7”. Also bought my own cheap turntable to spin those wax off. Also bought four tapes, Pilipinas Thrash Detonation and Bulldozed’s Demonyomurdergangcore re-issue from Still Ill Records and Staid 2 Demo in 1 tape and Channel X’s Come Again from Whatever It Takes Records.

There are other top 10 from this kick ass blog: La Cosa Nuestro.

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